Inspiration Day

Thursday, May 31 — Can you say rain?

OMGosh, if only we could have this rain in Southwest Kansas.  It’s just nuts!  It’s so wet in the park I’m at, that mushrooms are growing everywhere in addition to the moss.  Deer are everywhere in Anacortes.  They seems as plentiful as dogs and there are plenty of those too.  Everyone walking has at least one (dog that is).

The rhododendrons are at their peak here in Washington and would be gorgeous if not for being soaked.  Okay they are gorgeous anyway.  They are the flower of the day 😎

I planned on hibernating in my tent today to keep warm, but I’ve gotten claustrophobia and we had a break in the rain so I uncovered my bike and hustled downtown for some lunch.  The waitress was a real sweetie and after I ate, she moved me to the only table with a plugin near to charge my phone and this computer.  Oh the simple pleasures.  I believe she will get a nice tip.  The cafe is called Calico Treats and the food was delicious…including the piece of peanut butter pie I could not resist.

Spending one more night in Washington Park.  Tomorrow I’ll have to put away a wet tent and I’m sure you’re not supposed to do that.  Sue will be here at 9:00 a.m. and is meeting me at the boat dock.  I’ll dip my back wheel in the Pacific Ocean and will be off!

Enjoy the pix.

I feel like Sally Fields doing a Boniva commercial

Flower of the day. I believe it is a variety of Rhotodendrom. There is also lavender, white and red ones. Gorgeous!


Wednesday, May 30 — What a Day!

The day was looking a little sketchy when we got to the airport this morning and was told the plane was sitting in Liberal with mechanical problems and an indefinite future of flying at all.  A couple of hours later it finally made it to Dodge City.  By the time we got to Denver, the flight to Anacortes should have left thirty minutes earlier, but I decided to run…like the wind…just in case it was delayed.  It was still there!  Yet another plane with mechanical problems.  An hour later this flight finally takes off and I arrive in Bellingham two hours behind schedule.  A delay to get on a shuttle and I finally made it to Anacortes.  Pukey from the bus ride, but I made it without throwing up.  The day was looking up 😎

My heart was warmed by all the kind messages I received on Facebook last night.  Also, I got some pretty special texts today that pumped me up (thank you Michael Lowden).  I got a phone call from my daughter, from my son, several from John, one from Sue (my new friend who will be joining me to ride for a week or so).

My bike was put together nicely by the Skagit bicycle shop and after getting it all loaded, I rode to Washington Park which is actually a campground.  I found a great spot and set up my tent and have been trying to get organized ever since.  It’s cloudy, sprinkling on and off, and very chilly.  Who cares?  Not me!

Skagit Bicycle Shop

Hey, the 10 sec timer feature on my phone came in handy!


Spending Time With Family…

We had a wonderful two days with our son, Cody and his family and it’s a weekend I’ll not soon forget.  John had a successful bike race in Gardner and then we headed home to Dodge City.  There was much to do today which included a fun evening of “familiar favorites”.  This is my last night at home as tomorrow I fly to Bellingham, Washington via Denver.  I’ll arrive just in time to take a two-hour shuttle to downtown Anacortes where I’ll have to then hike it to the bike shop.  Boy oh boy I hope they have my bike put together correctly 8-/

I’ll be posting daily from now on unless my laptop runs out of juice or if I can’t get on line for some reason (like I’m out of range of civilization).  I’m ready and anxious to begin this adventure!



Last Weekend before Adventure Begins!

Yesterday I got to spend the day with our godchildren In Wichita.  They are wonderful children and such a blessing to John and me.  Tomorrow we head to Eastern Kansas to see our son and his family and then John races a time trial on Sunday.  We’ll arrive back home here in Dodge City on Monday night.  I’ll probably be pacing like a mad woman all day Tuesday and then I fly to Anacordes, Washington on Wednesday.  I checked with UPS and my bike is supposed to arrive at the bike shop today.  Everything is right on schedule….

Simrun, Asher, Abrahn & Sania



My Last Day to Ride (until the trip begins)

Today I will ride long and hard as it is my last opportunity to ride until June 1st.  Tomorrow, John will help me break down my bike and box it up to mail to Anacortes, Washington on Monday.  You might think…who so early?  Here is the reason:  We have to have it ready to mail before we leave for a long weekend to Salina ( John will be racing Saturday and Sunday).  When it arrives on Friday (the 25th), the bike shop will have only three days (discounting Sunday and Memorial Day)  to put it together before I arrive in the afternoon of the 30th.  I am incredibly nervous that the mechanics at the bike shop might not know how to work on a recumbent.  But…I have no choice since it’s the only bike shop in Anacortes.

My mind is just racing with all I need and want to get done before leaving…

This picture was taken in Hutchinson, Kansas at the Sand Plum Classic a couple of weekends ago.  The bike is really fast without the weight of my bags and gear!



Greensburg USA

It’s Saturday morning and 40 degrees in Greensburg.  I can’t help but drag my feet waiting for it to warm up before packing up for the trip home.  The trip here yesterday was a head wind all the way so I have great hopes for a tail wind today…  I need to be home by mid afternoon because we have a guest riding in from Syracuse today.

Thank you for the prayers friends.  I covet those prayers!


Shake Down Ride

Tomorrow I will go for my official “shake down” ride.  This means that I will be fully loaded, ride to my destination, set up my tent, eat an MRE, sleep in the tent, break it all down and ride home the next morning.  This will make sure that I have not forgotten anything important.

My destination tomorrow is Greensburg.  I will stay in the back yard of our good friends, Luke and Staci Derstein.  In fact, Staci is planning on meeting me half way and riding with me to Greensburg.  It will be such a blessing to have someone to ride with for a change.  The highway can get mighty lonesome mile after mile.

Saturday’s weather will be dicey.  Looks like I might sleep in the rain and ride home in the rain.  It will be chilly too.  Oh well, it’s a shake down ride…  Let the games begin!


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My Adventure ends in Bar Harbor, Maine.


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