Inspiration Day

Saturday, June 23 — The Rescue

MEMO:  I hope this does not confuse anyone, but somehow this post was deleted from my blog.  So here it is August 10th, and I am reinserting it because I want the blog to be complete.  June 23 was the toughest day of my journey….


Have you heard of the story of the man whose house was flooded and he’s sitting on the roof waiting for God to rescue him.  One boat comes by and says,”get in, and I’ll take you to dry land”.  The guy on the roof says “no thanks, I’m waiting for God to rescue me”.  Then two more boats come by and offer to take him to dry land, but he says the same thing…”no thanks, I’m waiting for God to rescue me”.  The man drowns and goes to heaven and asks God “why didn’t you rescue me?”  God says “I tried!  I sent you three boats!”

I was not in danger of drowning today, but I needed rescued.  About 15 miles into the day I thought, if someone pulls over and asks me if I want a ride, I’m going to take it!  The wind was as bad as I have ever ridden in.  Just a few minutes ago, I turned on the Weather Channel in the Best Western I’m staying at and it says the wind is blowing straight out of the east at 35 gusting to 49.  This explains why I could not pedal more than 3 mph after being on the road since 7:30 a.m. and had only gone 38 miles.  It was 3:00 p.m.

I left Chester doing 6 mph but could only keep that up for 20 miles.  It was 11:00 and I had been calculating in my head that I would be to Havre at 6:30 p.m at that speed.  About that time, I saw a sign to turn left to the town of Rudyard.  My Adventure Cycling map said there was a café, but no place to camp.  I’m exhausted, but if I stop, that will delay my arrival time in Havre by 30 to 45 minutes.  And what if there really isn’t a café any longer?  Small town cafes have a hard time making it and my map is many months old.  Will the time riding that quarter mile be a waste of time?  My bike just turns left, (on its own), and I head into town.  There is a bank!  It looks promising!  There it is…a café and the sign says “Open”.  I lean my bike against the window, grab my purse and head in.  Inside there is a Bible open on the counter and Michael W Smith singing a praise and worship song on the radio and I burst into tears.  The poor lady leads me over to a table and sits across from me and wants to know what’s going on.  There is no holding back the tears and I tell her I’m just tired, but she persists and I tell her the whole story about this trip and the extreme weather and that truly, I am just exhausted.  She tries to console me and brings me my pancakes.  Soon after, here comes the cook, her husband who prays for me.  I am sitting there snarfing down my pancakes and feeling much better, but still crying and I can’t help it.  She says that they are closing the café at 2:00 and are driving to Havre and would I accept a ride from them.  Oh my…how tempting, but I really am feeling better.   And… if I stop and accept rides in only the third state of fifteen, how soft am I?  How will I ever be tough enough to do this adventure?  So after a bit, I tell her that I want to try to continue on, but when they go around me, would they stop and ask me again?  She says of course and then brings me two brownies to take with me on the road for sustenance later on.  I head outside to continue my ride and the wind has tipped my bike over.  It’s okay and I ride on.

At first, I feel revived and can even ride 7 mph for awhile.  Then it seems the wind is getting worse!  I slow down to 6, 5, 4 and ride for another 5 miles or so.  Then my speed drops to 3 and I can NOT GO ANY FURTHER.  I start bawling all over again and pull over into a driveway and wait for them.  They came within ten minutes and we loaded the bike and bags into their Jeep Grand Cherokee for the ride into Havre.  She’s even brought me lemonade.   I can’t even do the math as to when I would have arrived going 3 mph.  The sky is dirty and I’m so exhausted I can’t even think.  They drop me off at the RV Park and I think it looks pretty nice.  Yes, this will be fine.  We say our goodbyes after as much thanking them as I possibly can.  I go into the store to register and find out it’s the most expensive campground I have stayed at yet.  $24.00.  Wow, that’s pretty darn expensive but I’m not going anywhere so I pay and then I’m told that the tents stay in a completely different location that the fancy campers and motor homes.  Oh yes, I am directed to between the casino and the convenience store on a small patch of grass where traffic for the store is going to come and go all night long within spitting distance of my tent.  OH, I DON’T THINK SO.  I walked back in and told them I didn’t feel safe over there and I want a refund.  That was a hassle, but they finally gave it to me and I walked over to the Best Western that shares the building with the casino.  $89 for a room with my Harley Davidson discount.  I give her my credit card and pay and THEN she tells me my room is in the annex across the street.  I burst into tears and I put my face in my hands and sob.  I guess she feels sorry for me and upgrades me to a king room for the same price and she finds a room for me in this main building.

So I’m showered and am now at the laundry mat back over at the campground with a little toddler wanting to touch me and my computer with his wet onion chip paws.  I think I’m starving but nothing to eat but convenience store stuff.  My knees are sore, by quads are sore, and don’t even think about talking to me or I will cry again.  As I sit here waiting for my clothes to dry I am reminded of my day so far.  When I left Chester and still had some gumption and I played the Glad Game.  Do you know about the Glad Game?  It’s from my all-time favorite movie:  Pollyanna.  We should look for something to be glad about in every situation.  I was glad the sun was shining so I could tell that I was heading east today, I was glad no mosquitoes could get me in this wind.  I think I may have thought of a few more at the time, but that was too many hours ago to remember all of them.

When I could think of no more things to be glad about, I started praying.  I prayed for family, for my godchildren, for Sue, for everyone who was reading my blog, for my neighbors.  I even prayed for all the motorcyclists who were on the highway today.

I’ve now eaten and am back at the motel.  Going to post to my blog, but not without saying one more time THANK YOU to Bobby and Taffie Adams who own the awesome café in Rudyard, Montana.  They fed me breakfast, sent me off with brownies, picked me up, took away my thirst with lemonade, and dropped me off safely in Havre.  They are my heros!

At least the road is flat…

The cafe in Rudyard…

Bobby & Taffie Adams, the heros who saved me on this day…