Inspiration Day

A Time of Preparation

“Uh oh” I announce to my aunties who love me like a daughter…I’m going on another adventure! It doesn’t officially begin until July 1st, but the preparation and training are well under way. Why you ask? Why in March am I writing about a ride that begins three months from now? Because dear readers, it will be the most physical, the most remote, the most dangerous adventure of my life. Truly EPIC!

I’ve been thinking about this ride for years but it was really just a dream until two years ago after finishing my ride to Alaska. This year’s adventure will take me from Banff, Alberta Canada all the way across the U.S. (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and New Mexico) following the Continental Divide (called the Great Divide in Canada). 2,770 miles on a bicycle with no vehicle support. That means carrying all my gear and enough food to last sometimes five days.

I would need a new bike. And, according to my beloved husband, I would need companions. No solo adventure for me on THIS route. So, I placed a “Companions Wanted” ad in Adventure Cycling Association’s magazine and website and have seven or eight women who will at least begin this adventure with me. Ages range from 29 to 69. It’s very hard to find women who can dedicate a whole summer away from work, school and family. At this point almost all of us plan to ride the whole distance. One gal plans to venture off to see friends before finishing up the trip so we will lose her somewhere in Montana. The youngest, who says she is joining us, isn’t very vocal so I’m not sure if she will really be there when we leave Banff. Another woman plans to ride about three weeks with us then has other obligations so will also be leaving us somewhere in Montana. I think it’s possible that the physical aspect of this adventure might also have a few more dropping here and there, but for now most are in preparation to ride the whole distance.

I will be writing my blog as I go, knowing full well that I will only find wifi when the route takes us through some civilized areas. There maybe a week of no blogs and then BOOM, they will all come through the same time. I suspect my blogs will be shorter, with perhaps less stories. I don’t know how much energy I will have at the end of the day to write. But, write I will! For one thing, it is an ORDER from John 😎

I’ll share more in other blogs between now and July 1st, but for now…planning and training is in the works and excitement builds with each passing day. The preparation continues…