Inspiration Day

Day 2 – APES

on July 8, 2016

We have decided to name our group the Alpha Pack Explorers or APES for short.  Ha! Sue says this not an Adventure, this is an Exploration!



As horrid as instant coffee tastes at home, it tastes pretty good in camp. It’s all about location, location, location we have decided.


Sue and I waiting for water to boil for coffee

We got word this morning through the Delorme spot tracker that Betty is riding with a man pulling a bob trailer and they are trying to catch us. I hope they can do it, but given the terrain, I can’t imagine riding the extra miles to make that happen.


Posing on one of many bridge crossings the past two days. We entered into Peter Loughheed Provincial Park today and met up with lots of day hikers on the trail. We had some challenges with a rocky trail and incredible climbs that I had to hike a bike. My right ankle that I sprained in 2013 does not like the angle that is required to push on the big grades but as soon as I’m up, the pain is over.



Working together to lift bikes over downed tree

Lunch break. Day two of pbj sandwich for lunch. I am carrying a jar of orange marmalade so I’m still liking them 😎


Girls gotta eat!

After lunch, we turned onto a real road that had mucho traffic on it. The next 20 miles or so were, let me just say…dusty. This day was another repeat of the fast girls pulling ahead immediately and then waiting for Sue and I at significant places along the trail. I can imagine the frustration they must feel about that, but they are very gracious women and would never tell us so. In fact, each and everyone of them are pretty laid back and seem happy to be a part of this experience.


A little fun easy single track

We pulled into Canyon Campsite and found a spot pretty much immediately, but as we were walking around picking out the best places for our tents, the camp host drove up and told us that only two tents were allowed per site. Sue and I, with our best negotiating skills talked him into letting us all stay here. I may have had to use my weepy eyes, exhausted expression to seal the deal. It didn’t take much for me to conjure the look. It all worked out and we have access to bear proof boxes so we don’t have to hang our food tonight. Potable water so we don’t have to filter. And…an outhouse so we don’t have to (well you know). No showers again tonight, no electricity to charge electronics.

Suppertime consisted of another MRE. You just can’t beat them for convenience. It takes about 1.5 minutes to boil two cups of water, add the water to the package and then wait approximately 10 minutes to let it hydrate. There is always something to do while I wait.


Some like to actually cook

Everyone is in their tents early tonight. Time for me to join the ranks of the sleepers. Tomorrow is a big big BIG day! Can you guess why?

Resting comfortably in my two man tent surrounded by my gear. Good decision!

3 responses to “Day 2 – APES

  1. Linda Veatch says:

    Certainly enjoy uour blog…look forward to your exploration via the internet!!.
    I gave your website to Kenny Hsmilton do maybe you’ll be hearing from him.
    Happy trails.

  2. Roy Sprunger says:

    Praying for all your safety & a great experience. Godspeed.

  3. David Mohseni says:

    Hi Traci and Sue – good for you both for being back on the trail!! It’s inspirational at the least. I’ll be following you both and wishing good travels. My biking adventures included last year riding from CO to Chicago to see the Grateful Dead for 3 nights and this year’s Ride the Rockies. Just retired from teaching so hoping for more travels. Have fun
    David (alias “I last saw you in Prince George 2014”)

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