Inspiration Day

Inspired to juice!

on September 11, 2016

So…I hinted that I was dabbling in “juicing” in my last post. I will admit that I have jumped in full throttle. YES I was inspired!
I already had this old Oster juicer from the early 90’s when I had decided to give it a go way back then. I had probably used the thing a half dozen times when I abandoned the process because it was way more trouble and work than I had time for back in those days. But also, back then I was only juicing carrots or oranges and apples and I decided why bother when picking up a jar or carton at the grocery store was extraordinarily less trouble. Thus the juicer was put away deep deep into an upper cabinet. It survived several garage sales and made the move with us in 1997 to the house we live in now. Fast forward to one month ago when I read an advertisement on Facebook about the health benefits of juicing and it just made sense to me. I was prepared to buy a juicer when I remembered I had one somewhere 😎

So I’m going to skip all the trial and error and tell you what I’m doing now and loving it! I go to the grocery store sometime over the weekend and buy enough produce to last me the entire week. First to Dillons to see what they have by way of organics and then to Walmart to see what they’ve got. I usually buy something at both places. This weekend, we were in Wichita so I took an ice chest and bought some really fresh organic produce at Whole Foods. I sometimes don’t find any organic produce that looks fresh enough to buy and will purchase traditional instead. Either way I bring it home and wash it all up with organic veggie wash. I’m sure the purists among you are scowling at the thought of consuming non-organic produce, so I’m also going to admit that I eat red meat too.

Anyway, the washing of the produce is time consuming but necessary to remove not only dirt but the pesticides and other unmentionables that I have eliminated even having to think about. I had to be an Indian-giver (and obviously I am not politically correct when I use that term) when I asked my daughter Angie if she still had the salad spinner that I had given her a long time ago. A clean white bath towel is laid out on the cabinet and all the washed and rinsed produce is laid out to dry. This week I bought yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, red cabbage, red leaved romaine, bok choy, yellow squash, and carrots. I have gotten into the habit of adding either carrots or green apples for added sweetness to every recipe.

Every morning, I juice up a mason jar full which gives me three glasses of goodness to drink throughout the day. I always keep on hand ginger root and juice about an inch to every jar full. I am really not following any true recipe but rather making it up with whatever I found by way of good looking produce that week. I just keep throwing veggies and fruit in the juicer until my jar is full. I have to say that I don’t always love what I juiced but I know it’s good for me, I know I spent a wad of money on the ingredients, and I know the whole process was very time consuming, so I’m not about to waste a drop. But…90 percent of the time, I have really enjoyed the flavor. My first week of juicing I fasted for four days (meaning I ate nothing other than my juice). That meant I drank more than three glasses to fill full enough that I wouldn’t cheat. I don’t plan on doing that again anytime soon, but I know it was incredibly good for me. My weight is down; my craving for sugar is gone; and I have control over what I eat during the day. Good stuff Maynard!

Oh yes, one more thing…the cleanup of the juicer is NOT my favorite part of the process 😉

4 responses to “Inspired to juice!

  1. Judi says:

    I absolutely admire you and your resolve to eat better and take better care of yourself with exercise as well. I wished with all my heart I could afford to send you the fresh produce from Thistledown each week. It is amazingly fresh and I am sure would make your juices even better. I pray for your success and look forward to your next blurb/blog. love you

  2. glenda evenson says:

    good for you, you are such a good girl, now inspire us, we need it. I don’t know how you can get any healthier, you look simply marvelous. love you very much.

  3. Robin Barlow says:

    I went to a juice bar once for lunch, while I was also juicing. It was pretty good but so expensive. ($8.00 per glass) So I will never do that again. Better to do it yourself. The reason I am telling you this is because I grabbed one of their menus that showed everything that they put in each of their concoctions. I will copy it for you, for some ideas. I did try cucumber & mint with some other things in it, it was delicious. Love you!

  4. suesbikeblog says:

    I love the photo of the veggies! Better get your nutrition now, because you will rarely find it on the Great Divide next summer, when you will have to live on Skippy, mealy Fuji’s and gas station sandwiches with wilted lettuce and expiration dates! Have fun! I can’t imagine juicing. I would need to build an addition on to my boat just to store the juicer! 🙂 Carry on!

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