Inspiration Day

Inspired to be healthy!

on September 25, 2016

Abagail sure would like to assist me in the kitchen


If you don’t want to read about another injury, you might want to skip this blog post. A week ago Friday morning, I was running at 5:00 a.m. under the street lights of downtown Dodge City. I was feeling pretty good about my clavicle/shoulder injury and had gotten dismissed from my Ortho doctor five days earlier. My bruised ribs were still sore but I categorized the pain as an annoyance only; and nothing that would worsen by running. I was shaving five or ten seconds off every run and thinking about finding a couple more 5K races to participate in this fall. I was back to having sweaty workout clothes to wash most every day and life was returning to normal.

One misstep off a curb that I had been navigating for several weeks and my weak ankle rolled painfully sideways causing my toe to catch on the pavement which then hyperextended the top of my foot and I fell awkwardly to the street. Although I was in pain, it was not unbearable. My shoulder and ribs were not re-injured so I bucked it up and hobbled the mile back to where my vehicle was parked and waited for John to finish his run (because he was way ahead and had no idea I had fallen). Because I could walk, it gave me a false sense of security and well-being and we went ahead and left town for the weekend as we were previously planning to do.

John raced his first cyclocross race of the season on Saturday morning in Kansas City and I stayed pretty close to the Yukon as my ankle was swollen pretty badly. Unfortunately, John crashed and went down extremely hard on his hip and knee and because he wasn’t able to put any weight on his knee, we made the decision to go the ER for precautionary X-rays. John insisted that since we were there anyway, that I may as well have my foot X-rayed. We took a picture of our matching hospital wrist bands and some silly selfies while waiting.


Two patients


Passing the time in the ER

We chuckled as we had to explain a half dozen times why this husband and wife were both injured and a car wreck was not the cause. The results came back and John was very bruised but PTL nothing was fractured. I, was not given such good news in that my fifth metatarsal was fractured in two places. This, of course was devastating news to me but I tried not to bawl and John tried to be upbeat and positive even though the poor guy was suffering from his own painful injuries. They placed a rigid splint on my foot going all the way to my knee and was given crutches and told not to put any weight on my foot until I saw an orthopedic doctor.

I worried from the first mention of crutches that they would be a problem with my sore ribs and sure enough after only about 10 steps using them, my ribs were on fire and they became my true debilitating injury. We found a drug store in Lawrence that sold a knee cart and that became my transportation for Sunday and Monday until I could get in to see the Orthopedist. Can you imagine that phone call and having to admit that I had another injury? Ugh! There was good news from my appointment though as the doctor said I could walk on it with a special boot. So the expensive knee cart is sitting in my closet while I walk with the equally expensive boot.


My ribs are healing again and I can get through most of the day on only two ibuprofen. My bone break doesn’t hurt at all when I’m in the boot and the boot also protects my ankle from rolling again. In the mornings my ankle size is near normal but my whole foot is black and blue. By the end of the day it is swollen to twice its size. I have a feeling the ankle will give me fits long after the foot bone is healed. That dang ankle has been weak since I was a child; spraining it about every summer. You might remember I severely sprained it in 2013 and was still dealing with its pain this past summer on the Great Divide when pushing Justice up steep hills.


Anyway, if John had not had his bicycle crash, I probably would have not gotten an X-ray and the foot and ankle would have taken much longer to heal without the boot. Once again I amazed at how God orchestrates healing.

My inspiration comes from women my age and older who have embraced their age and who actively and intentionally ride this train we call life. I am one of those women! I will not allow this injury to depress me. I can’t bicycle. I certainly can’t run or even walk for fitness. I can’t work my core or lift weights to strengthen my upper body due to the rib pain. BUT, I can drive and am getting ready each morning and hobbling into work. Our daughter Angie has accompanied me twice to buy groceries as I ride in the Walmart electric cart (hey, they are pretty handy!).  I’m juicing up a storm and I attribute my good spirits to juicing. It’s something I can do that is good for my body when everything else is off limits for perhaps another five weeks.

When I can’t bicycle, I will run
When I can run, I will walk
When I can’t walk, I will lift weights to gain strength
When I can’t lift, I will juice!


I’m not kidding, it really is delicious and filling!

9 responses to “Inspired to be healthy!

  1. Susie Faulds says:

    Love to read your blog and I understand the aging process and hope you mend🇱🇷 I need someone to get me up and running early in the mornings.

  2. Judi says:

    I just knew your juice was an ugly color. lololol but I am happy you have something to keep you healthy. Truly love you and am praying for speedy recovery.

  3. Patty & Eldon Brandenburg says:

    Oh my goodness girl! When it rains it pours! Praying for healing and strength! HUGS!!

  4. Shirley Richardson says:

    What are we going to do with you, Girl, praying for your recovery asap.

  5. Cari Wasson says:

    Goodness, Traci! I love reading about your adventures, just wish it wasn’t so fracture-filled! Keep your good attitude. 🙂

  6. Oh Traci! I’m so sorry that happened! Praying for quick healing. Take care!

  7. L. Michael Smithmier says:

    Thanks for the update. Sending prayers and healing thoughts west to Dodge City.

  8. Judy Wadford says:

    That’s my girl…..that’s one reason I love you!!

  9. glenda evenson says:

    All right young lady, enough is enough, you and John are the blind leading the blind. I can pray for both of you, and hope you both heal soon. PLEASE be careful. I love you guys.

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