Inspiration Day

Favorite Scripture

3 responses to “Favorite Scripture

  1. Linda Stempel says:

    Hi there Traci! I’m sorry to say this is the first time I have logged on since meeting you on the plane to Washington. I am so sorry you have had a rough start. I will be praying for you and know that God is certainly there with you and will guide you with His hand. Peace and protection to you in Jesus’ Mighty Name! Love, Linda

  2. Carol Stevens says:

    Traci, you are such an inspiration, I know that you have had some tough days and some good days and you just keep moving on. I probably would of caught the next flight home and said forget it. I lift you up and pray you will have good days ahead and no more delays, or rainy days. It’s got to be tough to be away from John and your family for this long, I pray you will find friends a long the way that will encourage you and keep you company. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures and blessings as you continue on your mission. Love and blessings Carol

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