Inspiration Day

Random Facts (about me)

I love the Lord!

I’m a wife to John (40 years); mother of two grown children, Cody and Angie; mother-in-law to Mechell and Jason; Grammy  to Tristan, Braeden, Haven, Kayde & Tessa; godmother to Simrun, Sania, Asher, Abrahn, and Aryan.

Born in 1957 and raised on a farm in Kansas.  Have two older brothers.

I’ve lived within 50 miles of where I was born all my life.  I’ve lived in Dodge City, Kansas since 1983

My husband and I sell cars.  Yep.

I’ve been riding a bicycle all my life.  In fact, I was riding my bicycle when I met my future husband in 1975

Tours I’ve done:

  1. Bike Across Kansas:  18 times
  2. Freewheel (Oklahoma State Tour) 2 times
  3. ACA Tour of Montana:   1 time
  4. Bicycle Tour of Colorado and/or Ride the Rockies:  6 times
  5. Non-sponsored ride from Mexico to Kansas and then Canada to Kansas
  6. ACA Transamerica Trail across the U.S.  (2008 East to West)
  7. ACA Northern Tier across the U.S. (2012 West to East)
  8. ACA Northstar Tour (2014)

In the late 80’s through the 90’s, I was a bicycle racer.

We also ride Harleys 😎

I hate riding in the cold.  I’d rather ride in 90 degree heat than in 40 degree cold

I get a heat rash when I’m in the sun too long

I will NEVER EVER pass up a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie, served warm with a dip of vanilla ice cream…oh my!

9 responses to “Random Facts (about me)

  1. Traci you are so amazing what a wonderful adventure your embarking on how awsom . my prayers and love with you during your ride and always i love you shari

  2. jenny says:

    I was feeling sorry for myself after a hard workout the last 2 days, the kind where you feel like you’re a 2 year old walking down the stairs, then I remembered the adventure you’re on and told myself to suck it up. I hope you are having the adventure of a lifetime! love ya!

  3. Taffie Adams says:

    Traci, my dear! I wish that I had known about your love for strawberry-rhubarb pie. I would have baked you one, and brought it along the other day. It could have kept you going a couple of days anyway. Well, hope you are doing well, our prayers are with you daily.

  4. Greg Claus says:

    I went to school with Eric who you met outside of Enderlin. I was born and raised in North Dakota. Now living in Arizona. Googled your name and am now reading your blogs. Excellent! It reminds me of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence(sp?). Thanks and continued good luck in your journeys. Greg.

  5. Mike from Bennett says:

    I’m really enjoying following your trip. It was my pleasure meeting you and I hope to have more bikers like you come and stay in our town. The look on the old farmers faces, when I told them about you was priceless. I do have one question for you. As Life Member of the NRA(So is wife and Reba), generally don’t to far with my gun. What gun did you take on your trip? Godspeed on the rest of your trip.
    FYI I still haven’t taken the reflectors of my wheels yet.LOL

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